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Sugar Rush - Deserts Galore!

An amazing sweets fair in Orange County!

Star Wars cake pops!
Candy kabobs!
Natural fruit pops!
Pinch me, I'm in Candyland.
Wait, no I'm not. There's no candy people nearby, only friendly folks with more than desserts to go around. 
It was my first time at the Sugar Rush event presented by Big Bites at the OC Fairgrounds.
I came looking for good Instagram pictures and a couple of samples to satisfy my sweet tooth but Sugar Rush was more than just that!
There were live demonstrations such as how to make edible art with a pincher tool...
some gelatin...
and voila, an edible masterpiece!
The best part about Sugar Rush was the relaxed atmosphere where exhibitors and attendees shared desserts! 
Amongst the vendors there, here's some that stood out:
The staff from Albert's Petite Sweets show off their store's decorated cake pops!
Jacque Scott (right) and her friend show off their aromatic soaps that include beer soap for Bee-Tea Soaps! The story behind the beer soaps was that Jacque's husband brews beer while she made soap. It only made sense to combine the two one day for her husband's friends! The rest is sweet smelling beer history.
Sunmerry Bakery opened up this year in the Walnut Plaza on Jeffrey Road in Irvine. The staff sure look bright and merry!
Romina and Vinay Narang show off Light and Healthy Desserts, an idea conceived by Romina when she was pregnant and extra sensitive to sugar. An example of their lower sugar desserts is their Greek yogurt brownie, no butter needed!
The staff of Viva Los Cupcakes show off the Mexican themed cupcakes with flavors inspired by classic Mexican dishes like tamales!
Rose Stevens is an independent designer for Origami Owl, a company founded by a teenage girl when her parents told her to save up her own money. Women entrepreneurs for the win!
The staff from the Laguna Beach store of Gelato Paradiso show off their matching uniforms and awesome gelato!
The staff from Frijolitos Mobile Coffee make coffee a little more Mexican with ingredients like chile powder!
Diana from Orange Clementines shows off her home made Orange cookie. Orange you glad their boxes are made in good ol' California? I sure am, nothing beats great USA-made products!
Karen Guardamondo from GG's Desserts shows off her award winning strawberry cookies made with fresh strawberries. They were great sugar cookies with a twist of strawberry, deliciously unexpected!
The holiday season is about giving, not getting, and it was refreshing to see random people give each other sugary gifts and getting some sugary love back.
A complete set of pictures from me can be found on my Sugar Rush flickr album!
There were a lot of good vibes and low stress at this event in terms of getting there and being there so make it out next year if you can!
Irvin in Irvine aka
Veggie Vigilante
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